About us


Mateso, s.r.o. is a limited liability company established in 2011. We provide for our customers a custom engineering production in Slovakia.

We manufacture various stainless steel and steel parts, welding constructions and sub assemblies of machines and lines based on customer requests and according to their drawings. Our customers are machine builders from area of food processing, packaging and other industries.                                                                   

We have got our own production capacities.  We provide also cutting of plates by laser machine using our verified suppliers in the neighborhood. Export creates over 80% of our turnover.

Our portfolio of products consists primarily of frames, cabinets of drives, electric cabinets, conveyors, guards, hoppers, rolls, cutting tools, machined parts, etc..

Our long-term experience with processing of stainless steel materials for western European machine builders ensures a high quality of our products and delivery performance.